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Synomyns of compounds

Hi all,

I was wondering if anybody knows of a comprehensive open-source of synonyms for compounds? I am wondering if PubChem would be the best source.

Ultimately, I want to search pubmed for occurances of a set of ~500 named compounds.




the.chemist.ds from United Kingdom

You can also perform this search using ChemSpider.

If you find the record for the compound of interest and open the Articles infobox, there is a tab labelled PubMed which returns results from PubMed. The results are returned by creating a query using all of the validated synonyms in the Names and Identifiers Infobox. Only 6-7 of the PubMed results are returned in the Articles Infobox, but there is a link which will take you through to the NCBI homepage where you can see all of the results and/or refine the search.
NN comments

Is it possible to download all the validated names/identifiers in ChemSpider? I am searching for ~2000 compounds, so am making use of the eutils facility in pubmed.

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