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Drug approval dates?

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Hi there!

I have a dataset of compounds for which I known the DrugBank ID and the PubChem CID. These are all approved drugs.

I’d like to have the approval year of each of these drugs. In DrugBank this information is not always available… I’ve also found Drugs@FDA, but at least for a newbie the mapping is pretty much of a nightmare.

Any idea on how to easily get the year of approval of drugs?

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quentindelettre from Châlons-en-Champagne, France métropolitaine

You can reconstruct the database from the FDA. Then build a table that link drugbankid and molecules names from drugbank data. Finally, assuming that fda name is the same in drugbank, you can retrieve fda year of approval.

Maybe it’s a bit late… But you can try e-drug3D database, which use FDA data to build a database of small molecules.
We plan to provide more search criterions.

If you need more advices on fda database, feel free to ask them, or ask me in the contact page of e-drug3D.

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