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Survey on Public Domain Chemistry Databases

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I am interested in your feedback on quality/trustworthiness in online chemistry resources specifically focused on chemistry databases. The Survey Monkey link is here While I realize this isn’t a question per se this audience is likely ideal to give feedback (and a number of you already have). I would like to get to >100 participants and am approaching 80. All data will be shared on my blog at Thanks 

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rich apodaca
, sorry but I gotta disagree with posting this material here, so -1. This is a question and answer site, not a place to post links to blog articles and surveys. There’s probably an interesting question or two in what you’re trying to do. Why not pick one that’s likely to have a definite answer and go with that instead?

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tony27587 [ Editor ]

Puzzled by your statement…what do you mean by “-1” ? I think I am asking a question… but since it’s difficult for me to post a survey on here I’m posting to the one I set up previously. I think it relates directly to a previously asked question here: . On any case…I appreciate the four other people who visited the survey this afternoon. 

Nevertheless I hear your request. Thanks for the feedback.
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