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What StackExchange alternative should we move to?

Asked by [ Admin ]

Now that StackExchange announced beta7 and that there likely will only be one more beta, we are informed that after this the free beta trial will end, and that we'll automatically move into a 45 day free trial. The pricing model is, unfortunately, not within our reach, with $129 a month.

I am happy to learn that beta7 does add an export facility, so we do not have to write tools to do this manually, though I have yet no clue how to import this into a clone. Fact is, we'll have to move the Blue Obelisk Exchange sooner than later.

So, my questions are:

  1. what clone should we use? and is there even a hosting service?
  2. who has a free server to host a clone?
  3. who wants to help set it up and maintain it?

Great about this StackExchange beta period was that is was easy to set up, and that obviously comes at a price. I do not have overly much time to maintain a server, and could very much use some help. Perhaps someone even wants to take the concept over instead?

Imported from:

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Probably a good idea to accept the shapado answer at this stage :–)

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Import from stackexchange is working right now on shapado. Just send us your dump at contact \ at / shapado d0t com and we'll import it for you. We also offer various plans including a free one: (paying plans are not activated yet).

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rich apodaca

Don’t quite understand why I’d need to send you the files. Isn’t there a script that will do this for me that I can download and use myself?


We will have a UI soon so you don’t have to send it to us.

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rick [ Editor ]

We do expect OSQA will soon allow you to load a new site from your StackExchange export dump file. We are working on support for this feature right now. We also expect have options for OSQA hosting available soon.

The OSQA codebase is getting a lot of active attention and effort. If you'd like an open source solution, then you might enjoy OSQA.

Cheers, Rick

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evgeny.fadeev [ Editor ]

Hey guys,

Looks like you’ve solved this problem for yourself :), but anyway I hope you’ll find this ad appropriate here.

So I’ve finally started a dedicated Q&A forum project called ASKBOT based on my translation of CNPROG to English.

Askbot is similar to OSQA (which has also started from my translation) but it focuses on quality rather than lots of features and hopefully it will have a great developer spirit.

Here is the code and over here is the live demo (our project meta site). Anyone who would like to contribute and is willing to follow the common roadmap will get commit rights to the repo.

Also I am using my forum for the NMR Q&A site: (it is somewhat outdated on the wiki though – mainly because of the special login system setup)

This will change some time in May-June.

Will be willing to help you guys with the setup and share my server and disk capacity if you wish.



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