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Which (open) electronic lab notebook (ELN) tools do you use?

Asked by [ Editor ] , Edited by Joerg Kurt Wegner [ Editor ]

I was just stumbling over open enventory and was wondering if other people are using similar tools as well.

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I was searching for electronic lab notebooks and noticed some that are not listed here. They may not be open source but someone may find them useful anyway. And it would be good to get some votes/comments form their users.

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gordon wells

I’ve been trying out a combination of emacs org mode followed by lyx for semi-processed stuff. org-mode is very handy for folding text (salient input files and command line histories for example) and you can attach which are stored in a local sub directory. Attaching important files within pdfs (lyx) is also something I’ve been trying out.

This is far from what a professional LIMS would let you do, and I can’t say I’ve been diligent enough to call this a successful approach yet.
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